Nick K. Adams

   telling stories to re-enactors

      of the Second Minnesota                         Volunteers

Some stories are best when heard...

I have always loved stories.  I grew up with a mother and grandfather who were avid tale readers and tellers.  Sometimes their stories recounted family or community  history and values.  Other times they were told to explain parts of science or religion.  But the best were the ones read or told just because our elders wanted to help us children laugh or dream.


With that heritage it was only natural that I eventually began experimenting with some stories of my own, thus continuing the tradition.  So for more than 40 years, I have been writing or adapting folktale-style stories, and telling them in my classroom and at a wide variety of other venues, large and small.  Most tales have employed the whimsical voices of animals, while others have featured a folksy mountain dialect.  And it has been a great delight over the years to watch the faces and reactions of gathered children or adults as they followed the flow of my tales. 


Ten years ago I began recording these stories for my grandchildren as Christmas gifts.  You can listen to a few of them on this page and if you like what you hear, I encourage you to purchase some of the collections for yourself, your family, or your schools' teachers!


-Poppa Nick

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2004 Stories



  • Anansi

  • The Cougar Fish

  • Frog and Centipede

  • Lunch

  • The Rooster and the Turkish Sultan


2005 Stories



  • True Story of 3 Little Pigs

  • Abiyoyo

  • The Loud Mouse

  • Snow Woman

  • Little Tricker Meets Big Double


2006 K-3 Stories



  • Song of the Wooden Box

  • The Bear Story

  • Coyote's Crying Song

  • The Three Wishes


2006 3-5 Stories



  • Song of the Wooden Box

  • Darius Green

  • Mountain Whippoorwill

  • The Foolish Bet


2008 Stories for Christmas



  • The Mousehole Cat

  • The Christmas Trolls

  • The Perfect Christmas Tree


2007 K-3 Stories



  • Snow White and Rose Red

  • Custard the Dragon

  • Old One Eye

  • The Crab with Magic Eyes


2009 Story Poems



  • The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee

  • The Giant Joe Bean

  • Apple-Seed John

  • The Duel

  • Paul Revere's Ride

  • The Raggedy Man

  • A Ballad of China

  • The Pied Piper of Hamlin


2007 3-5 Stories



  • Snow White and Rose Red

  • The Woodcutter

  • Wreck of the Linda Dear

  • Fiddler of High Lonesome


2010 Two Tall Tales



  • New Boots                                     

  • Lunch                                             

Note:  Some of the above CDs are currently being re-printed.